Welcome to Fashion Glamour

I am Olayinka Sanusi, a lover of Fashion based in Nigeria. My love for colors, art and beauty around the world inspired me to come up with Fashion Glamour.. 
Now, let me take you on a trip of what FASHION GLAMOUR is all about.. The blog is all about African and international fashion&style, beauty, trending music videos, features designers within Africa and international. I actually got inspired by the old vintage design which is now back in vogue and the rate at which the African fashion moguls are evolving since the past years, you might wanna become a FashionJunkie *wink*.. 

My fashion phrase says "fashion is an Art, learn to create your own style"... And I've always known i owe it to good looks.. lol

I believe in GOD, I believe in Simplicity, I believe in Art, I believe in Myself

Thanks for checking.

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