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MABM Designs is a Luxurious Clothing line for Women. Unique stylish women all over the world. As a Ghanaian, my culture and upbringing have the biggest impact on our sophisticated designs.  

Wearing a classy and elegant dress goes a long way.  This collection is a must have for every stylish and classy looking woman. The honey yellow cape dress can be worn out to any evening Red-Carpet event. 

You can either pair any of these shades with a court-shoe or ankle strap sandal. 

Double cross front A-line maxi dress is a must rock. 

There is a lot in Africans, as they all use their beautiful fabric called Ankara for lots of lovely designs. Ankara peplum midi dress mixed with another touch of color isn't really a bad idea.. :()(: 

Highwaist Ankara palazzo pants.. Basically, you can pair this with anything so far you not combining with too much colors. Stay cool

Beautiful color to have.. Cross chest jumpsuit with a mini cutout cape. 

Monostrap maxi dress for the dinner rockers. 

More of the bridal look. This beautiful black with lace embroidery shear maxi dress will take you straight down to the aisle. 

Company Overview
At MABM Designs, our aim is to brigde the gap between culture, style and fashion. It's really about women being able to be confident in themselves with what they wear as they embrace their nurtured sense of style.
The label was founded in March 2011. Creative Director, Maa Akua Berko-Mensah fell in love with fashion at an early age. However, the real motivation came from watching one of her aunties who was a seamstress, create beautiful pieces for people. Today, MABM Designs stands out as a one of a kind women's clothing and accessories manufacturer with pieces ranging from bold colorful outdoor pieces to couture evening wear and gowns all inspired by her rich African culture. Her clothes and accessories have made bold statements in runway shows like Africa Fashion Week

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