Monday quick glance on Papa Omisore!!

Designer Papa Omisore is a popular Nigeria designer known as CEO POC Kaftans, which I love every bit of his work from his kaftans, blazers, pants and his general combo. Check out photos of my quick glance on his Instagram page below...

Ok. So this look got everyone on his IG saying this look is too girlish, too loud for a straight guy.. huh? Fashion is an art and as long as you comfortable in it, you're so good to go! Nice combo paps, at least he didn't pair it with a pink shoe... lol

Everything just looks perfect on him, style is all about you knowing what fits you. 

Skinny jeans paired with a face-printed art design 

All black everything paired with a sandals 

Paps, i think i'm gonna give you a name that goes " king of skinnys" because you pair all outfits so well..
IG @papaomisore

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