... Just A Touch Of Ankara!!

Sometimes, picking outfits for myself could be stressful and tiring but at the same time fun because I could stare at my closet for more than 30mins and still wouldn't get something to matchup... *sigh* irony of being a woman. Lol

Enough of the stories. Now let's get to it.. *wink*.. 

Basically, this shoot isn't one of my planned photoshoot at all.. I was just around my friend's studio and I decided to stop by so I did the shoot just because of the henna I had on. Loool, I love art but I can't have a permanent tattoo. 

I paired my long time ago tailor made zip-up Ankara tube with a black high waist trouser and a black Asos drape jacket alongside a black mules. 
Black isn't really a color to be scared of as I heard from other people saying it's hard to pair colors with black... *eyesrolling*. See list of colors that goes well with black below.. 

Orange and black
Pink and black
Flowery and black
All black
Maroon and black
White and black.. etc. just name any bright color to be paired a black color and trust me, you wouldn't go wrong. 
See photos below.. 

Photoshoot details: FashionGlamour 
Trouser: Asos
Jacket: Asos
Top: Tailored Ankara
Shoes: @gbemisokeshoes (mules)
Photography: @ayoalasi
Henna: @kofo_henna_artist

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