My Crush On Shoes!! ❤️

If there's one thing I'm totally obsessed with, then it's got to be 'shoes'.. I'm basically all about good and classy shoes and that's majorly the way to go when it comes to picking out outfits for myself or friends/clients. When trying to pair your daily look, it's advisable to often work around with what you have and also what you're comfortable with.
You may have come across so many heels that hurts your eye.. lol, that means having a crush on a particular heel/loafers.. It's simple, 6 and 2 inch heels and everything in between are often hard to visualize heel height. 

Ballet Flats
If you're not one for heels, then I think the ballet flats are for you. Never think about cost-per-wear and think more about cos-per-mile... *wink* which means you can walk up a lot kilometers in these. While people assume flats are majorly comfy, but that's not always the case. 

1.5 Inch Heel
These are majorly good when you just want a little lift, then 1.5 heels is the best height to go-for. 

2 Inch Heel
Stiletto heel provides enogh lift to give your step a spring-up, which doesn't ache your feet at all. 

3 Inch Heel
This is perfect for the office and every great looks. But, majorly when you choose the right ones i.e pointed or peep toe. 

4 Inch Heel
This is just one of those most have heels that you can never go wrong with. These are just classy and sassy enough for after work activities and dinners. 

4.5 Inch Heel
Looking for shoes that gives you a better height and also stability of a platform? Then, 4.5 inch is just best for you. 

6 Inch Heel
These are really elegant, drop-dead and exquisite. But it's high which isn't meant for everybody, and trust me that's OK. 

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