Style Crush ~ Ric Hassani

To say you're a gentleman is not the same with your class, because not all gentlemen are classy but your carriage is different and your enthusiasm towards becoming a star is really awesome. Now, let's talk about your style which is the genuity of who you really are.. Your style is very much different because you don't just wear colors, you pick the best suitable for your kind of person and kudos to your designer which at first I thought you were just another new designer to watch out for not knowing you're a singer and a songwriter. When you wear African fabric [ankara] all in suit and a well cut trousers paired with your transparent glasses.. Oh my! I'm proud to be called a Nigerian.

5 things you don't know about Ric Hassani 

For all the ladies that thinks he's Hausa.. Sorry!

1. His real name is Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu

2. He's from Port Harcourt 

3. Gentleman was the first single off his highly anticipated debut album

4. He has his own record label called RiverLand Records and has performed at African festivals like Malawi’s Lakes of Stars Festival in 2015.

5. And he's young, cute and gentle.. wink 

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