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So, I've been waiting for a good time to post this but due to my busy schedule I haven't been able to put the contents together but it's time now.. *wink*

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So, I was opportuned to style my sister for her Nikkahi ceremony which I didn't think the job would have come to me as its family because of the awkwardness and some annoying moment that comes with wedding parties but knowing that she could trust me to style her, that gave me so much drive to work really hard in getting the whole look together, from makeup artiste to photography which really turned out well after.. Ok! So enough of the story, let's style!

As a Muslim bride, all I needed to know is that no part of her body must be revealed so I knew I was to create something classy and simple with a 100% modest look.. So she sent me a picture of what she would like to look like but I had to recreate the look to something better and she loved it. 

I remember talking to her about making an A-line skirt with a peplum appliqué top but after a while, she sent me another picture saying that I should recreate the look for her and that made my job less stressful. 

So I contacted Madam Naffy Couture and I explained everything to her, stating the kind of fabric to use and the exact style. She made the skirt exactly the way I wanted it and with the right fabric [dutchess].. But an issue came up with the pearl top she made and I had to improvise just a day to the ceremony to get a nude embellished top that fits the skirt and the veil which came out really nice just as I expected. 

Outfit details:
Skirt by @madamnaffycouture 
Embellished top by @mostouchboutique
Shoes by Steve Maddens 
Makeup by Eneji Creations 
Photography by Sage Photographs 
Styled by FashionGlamour 

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