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So, I got curious late last year as to what the Ethical Fashion Designers in Nigeria usually encounter when trying to fix up clients with some special designs and majorly their role.. So I called "Paps" to grant me an interview for NewYou&Me blog, Dubai; so he could explain those things as he is one of the fast rising designers in Nigeria.

Read what he had to say below..

Ethical Fashion 

1. Name and few things about you. 
The name Papa derives from my parents I'm actually a twin (Taiwo) and my twin (Kehinde) who is referred to as Mama because we were born with chubby cheeks hence the name Papa and Mama was given to us. 
As a child growing up in Lagos, Nigeria my grandfathers style was all I looked at from his matching Agbada {Nigerian traditional outfit} to his shoes and bold colours and sense of style and carrying grace. I found him to be very inspirational which led to my passion towards fashion.

2. What's your brand name?
Originally my brand 'POC' stood for my initials Papa Omisore Clothing but over time, my designs have incorporated a lot of colours with ethical styles. Unknowingly POC now means 'People of Colour'.

3. What industry do you support? 
I have always supported the fashion industry, I proclaim myself as someone to be a fashion enthusiast. Whether it be through my generous giveaways, shout outs to up and coming underground fashion designers, hiring interns, participating in fashion talks, small seminars and large conferences. Simultaneously I support the entertainment industry as a sister to the fashion industry through private consultations, seasonal wardrobe changes and attending video, promo shoots and photo shoots a stylist. Since discovering my passion for fashion. I quickly learned that there aren't a lot of major fashion outlets for men and I really wanted to feel this void. Thus POC was created.

4. Why, and how did you start?
 I made my first design, when I went to the market to buy material for the show 'Music meets Runway', I came up with the design, having a conversation with my tailor she could feel and understand my vision and the kaftan was formed and came just how I wanted it to. That night I received so much positive feedback and positive traffic on my Instagram.

5. How do you stay organized when you are provided with multiple design assets, files, and ideas?
I have had few lapses with tailors and customer deadlines where there has been times that the deadline is not met. I have made it a priority over everything to meet and over exceed all expectations in making the customer happy. With the lifestyle I have of working 9-5 at a PR agency as a PR Coordinator I plan strategically. 

6. What questions do you ask before you begin any design project? What information is most important?
When I'm dealing with a client/ customer I take the stylist approach very important considering all aspects such as complexion of skin, colours, size, built and physique. For example a man with a Reddish in his skin who wants yellow in his designs I would advise a more subtle but still pigmented orange.

7. Tell me about a project you've completed that has made you the most proud?
 I have had the opportunity of working on quite a number of projects but one of my proudest moments was when I had the privilege of showcasing at the IFS LONDON 2016(International Fashion Showcase) it was a very overwhelming moment for me showing my designs for the rest of the world and also being inspired by the other designers I collaborated with, being on that platform has helped my brand gain more recognition.

Contact details: 
Instagram @P.o.c_lagos and @Papaomisore
Phone number +2348149993333.

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