These are special designs that i have personally been looking forward to since i last discussed it with the amazing designer/stylist.

All of these designs are super close to her heart which is why she named them "Self-love" and to also add some really spicy fashion concept to the looks, you can rock them in different forms depending on your style of fashion or occasion.

Read the designer's quote on the beautiful collection below...

Our debut collection is a premium yet affordable ready-to-wear clothing line. Which is called the "self-love" collection. It is inspired by the urge to encourage women to put themselves first by unapologetically promoting self-esteem and self-confidence; that every woman would accept herself for who she is and unconditionally, love herself.

KELU as a brand is beyond designing clothes. Our goal is to help everyone utilize their wardrobe to the maximum, by wearing one outfit in various ways. Here in our self-love Lookbook, (Which we also call "MULTIPLICITY by KELU")
we show you how to wear some of our  designs in three different ways such as the "Aretha" adire skirt and the "hibiscus" pink Blouse. Each look can take you from street style-casual, to a sophisticated-classy chic, to a traditional owambe look. Whatever your occasion is, you dont have to break the bank. Simply make the best of your wardrobe.
Knowing how to pair your looks and outfits is very essential in owning a closet and you must utilize every piece in it.

Photo credit
Make up Artist:@makeupbyonaz
Fashion stylist:@keluogunleye
All shoes
Fuschia pink
Pink art Tshirt:@tribalwestlagos

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