I think this post has to do with my present phase of life and putting the looks together was much more easier as it's the rose petals kind of date... Gotcha!

From my pleated nude skirt, silver metallic top, white silhouettes shoes and the plain black clutch... and of course wearing that beautiful smile of mine, captured by my talented photographer AYO ALASI, just as always reminds me of how worthy of a person i am... 

Now, grab a glass of wine and let me tell you the story.... 

Met this really awesome guy with such a great personality that i couldn't compare to anyone i have ever dated.. Yeah, he was that different. Only took me 30 days to discover  how much i have missed not having such person in my life and all i wanted was just to be with him, spend the rest of my life with him but i guess in life, there is always a clause. We started really well, our first kiss was in a cab where i went to pick him from an event and it was just magical, couple with the fact that Lagos roads are really miserable but i didn't give a damn.. you know when you meet a remarkable kisser that went from just light to intense one and turned out to be just great? yes that was what i felt the night i first kissed him.

Then he asked me nicely as a gentleman if i would like to come as his date to an event and i gladly said yes.. well, maybe not immediately but that was just pranks you know..*smile* i couldn't wait to be out with him again, and that night? that night? oh my days! it was magical.... so, after the event, we both left for a place where we could talk and look into each other's eyes even though i hated eye contact but it was so not difficult staring into his as i was just blown away by looking at him and thinking of how sweet, incredible, cute and annoying he gets when we are together. So, we were just talking about 'US' and he kept telling me about some very ridiculous reasons why we may not be able to work as a couple and i sat right there in front of him, looking straight into his eyes and at that point i didn't care about whatever reasons he may have and when he got tired of talking and he asked me why i was just looking without uttering a word which i knew that my tear gland were as full as the ocean and i had to control myself so i told him to just stop talking and kiss me, he was shocked and looked at me really closely, held my hand and gave me a magical kiss, very intense that we spent the first 4mins kissing and it was really getting late and he had to drop me off at home but as we were on our way out of the restaurant, we spotted a silhouette blue BMW X6M and he said to me "that will definitely look good on you" and i smiled leaving my blush up my cheekbone.


Of course all those sweet words went on till the next morning and on and on and on until we both finally realized that we cannot be together.

You may drop your glass now, i hope you enjoyed your drink.

Tailored skirt by Bnt Fashion
Photography by AYO ALASI

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