Hey guys, hope you all have had a very productive past months. As for me, I took a long break from creating contents here, taking fabulous street photos as usual and letting styling take over my entire time and space which has been nothing but amazing moments. Every ounce of creating my portfolio, putting all my works together, from one set to another, photo shoot, award nights, interview and bridal styling.. it has been nothing but a fruitful relationship between Fashion Glamour and everyone who has watched and supported me through this beautiful journey.

Let's just say, I'm back again because I miss the times that I get to sit up at night, put contents together by myself, save and publish the next day. *smile*...

I literally still enjoy open air shoots, braids and a little bare skin but right about now, something is changed.. I AM NOW A PERFECT SIZE 8 *sadface*. Trust me, no idea how I got to a size 8 because I literally work almost every day, juggling between mainland to island and back, from one client to another. I mean, how can I still be able to put on some weight with the level of stress I go through in a day. *phew* but anyway, I'm working towards going back to my size 6 but scared of loosing the hip and butt I have now which seem like the only thing I'm enjoying in this new size. LOL! 

Say HELLO to your new FATTY!! 


Monostrap top: Topshop
Jeggings:           Primark
Pumps:              Primark
Wristwatch:    Michael Kors
Earrings:         Steve Madden
Photography:   Wale Shitta

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