How I picked my favorite colors

Growing up, I always loved to play with colors that I'm familiar with. Colors that I find very calm and subtle, not anything loud to the extreme. So I found a good space within "Blue" shades and with several self evaluation and self consultations I discovered that I could actually try out other subtle colors that suits my skin tone.. I actually did a "Color Analysis Consultation" for myself which I tried on my color capes, applied makeup, sat in front of the mirror and started analyzing why some colors aren't suitable for my skin tone and of course according to my personality.

After the consultation, i discovered some other things that doesn't work for my skin tone so I began the "stay safe journey".. I'm more daring now than I was back then actually because I've been thought, I have learnt and I'm still learning.

So, I'm staying safe with colors that works for me but at the same time daring with styles.

My stay safe colors are;
True blue
Pineapple yellow
Blush pink
Crimson red
Olive green- depending on styles.
Icy blue- depending on styles.
Dark blue

Outfit Details
Dress by H&M
Shoes by Express
Makeup by Me
Photography by Wale Shitta

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